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Prophis' award winning technology empowers financial firms to derive greater value and deeper insights from their wealth of internal and external data. Together with Pontchartrain Advisors LLP, our affilated advisory firm, we have the capabilities to materially improve insights into potential financial risks.
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The Prophis Platform

Connecting large amounts of dispersed data

Our technology emphasizes a data structure that captures the complexity and richness of the real world, connecting data that is disconnected and scattered across the organization in a non-invasive way, complementary to existing systems.

Identifying and assessing the impact of emerging trends

There are countless indicators you could monitor in your dataset but how do you decide which developments are important to your business? Prophis' proprietary analytics go beyond identifying simple data features such as correlations, trends and divergences. Our approach can also factor in the direction and level of influence between data points to assess the overall relevance of a particular change in the data and its potential impact on financial portfolios. This analysis occurs every time your data changes.

Extensible analytics and API, perfect for visualisations

Our platform incorporates a computational dependency graph similar to those in use by the largest banks and hedge funds, extendible by users and easily capable of being integrated with other systems. In addition to complementary analytics, this API provides data for visualations so necessary when understanding complex financial interrelationships.

Our Loan Analysis Application

Loan portfolio analytics

We developed an application on the Prophis platform focused on extending loan portfolio analysis beyond a single portfolio or originator to an entire sector, country or type of borrowing, capable of handling tens of millions of loans from many different data sources.

Personalised exploration

Gone are the days of making a request to the IT department to add a computed field to the data warehouse. Instead, users can use extend fields and computations across the entire, gigantic dataset with a graphical interactive visualisation of how computations are interconnected.

Feature and anomaly detection

This application determines what combination of loan characteristics are most predictive, getting away from the tedium of attempting to do this manually, and automatically monitors potential changes to the predictive power of these characteristics. At the same time, anomalies found across thousands of time series are located and brought to the user's attention.

Pontchartrain Advisors

An advisory service built with these tools

Applying leading-edge capabilities to business problems often begins with a specific project. Pontchartrain is our vehicle for these projects, both to bring new insights to existing portfolios and to serve as a proof of concept for ongoing use of the tools.


Founded in 2015, award-winning Prophis Technologies enables companies to extract more value and insights from their internal and external data.

Complementary to existing systems, Prophis' platform uses innovative big data technologies to enable leading-edge analysis and visualization of insights for financial portfolios. With this loan analytics application and the advisory services of Pontchartrain, there is an answer ready for all potential users of this leading-edge technology.


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